Meet Our Team

KC Hoppe Great Wall


As a young child, I used to play hotel with my neighbor. We’d check in guests (our extensive stuffed animal collection) into various rooms of the house, deliver room service, and serve them dinner. I guess the travel bug hit me early.

I’ve worked in all aspects of the business from luxury hotels and tour operators to running my own sales and marketing consulting firm for international travel companies. I’ve been fortunate throughout my life to have traveled extensively around the world, but even luckier to have built a long-running career in the travel industry. I lived and worked in France for three years following college and took every opportunity to explore. I have made amazing friends in this business and I’m passionate about travel. I’ve been to six of the seven continents (yes, Antarctica is on my list) and I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with my family, friends, and clients.

I live in Alameda, CA (a small island across the bay from San Francisco) with my husband, son and three dogs. I love to explore near and far and when I’m at home I enjoy hiking, biking, reading, yoga and lots of movies!

For your inspiration, here are a few of my favorite adventures, but by no means a complete list:

  • Biking in France’s elegant Loire Valley amidst the beautiful chateaux and gardens
  • Experiencing a private meditation and blessing with a shaman at an ancient Inca ruin site in Peru
  • Swimming and kayaking among the 3,000 islands of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam
  • Meeting renown Argentine artists in their private homes and studios, followed by excellent biking, hiking and kayaking in Patagonia
  • Visiting the magical temples of Angkor, Cambodia at sunrise
  • Scootering through the winding streets of Rome
  • Cruising the Mediterranean aboard a luxury yacht with only 200 guests on board
  • Feeding and fostering an orphaned baby elephant in Kenya
  • Snorkeling with sea turtles and black tip sharks in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • A fast-paced rickshaw ride through the bustling streets of India. Followed by an elephant ride in the forest!
  • Kayaking amongst huge icebergs in Alaska’s Glacier Bay
  • Receiving a roadside blessing while biking the island of Bali
  • Sampling dozens of dumplings after an amazing day strolling along miles of the Great Wall of China
  • River cruising through Germany and touring the picturesque towns and villages along the way
  • Discovering the caves of Cappadocia and ancient ruins of Ephesus in Turkey, then cruising up the Bosphorous river on a private yacht (James Bond Style!)
Kathleen Cook-Hunter


Growing up in Philadelphia, I remember when going to Atlantic City, NJ was the big adventure for the summer! My first trip to Europe was with my all -girl high school tribe to hear Mass by the Pope in Rome. With introductions to travel like this, how could I not want to explore “the rest of the World”?

My first taste of adventure was working on a deluxe cruise ship for 2 years. Since then I have been very blessed to encounter many of the globe’s most exotic places. I am passionate about travel as an enriching experience: nurturing my soul, stretching my comfort zone and continuing to learn. Global travel presents amazing opportunities to give back.

Kathleen resides in Dallas, TX with her handsome husband, Paul & their sweet dog, Cinnamon and nonchalant cat, Nutmeg.

It is a good life! Share the joy of Travel:

  • Gorilla trekking in Uganda & Rwanda
  • Holding hands while walking with the chimpanzees at Ngamba Island in Uganda
  • Ballooning over the Masai Mara, watching the Masai herd their cattle home
  • Helicopter ride over the Okavango Delta in Botswana, seeing hippos sunning themselves
  • Exploring Ethiopia for 3 weeks, attending service at the Church of St. George in Laibela
  • Meeting with the Himba Tribe in Namibia, bringing home baskets made by the women
  • Expedition cruising: Antarctica, Galapagos, Alaska, Papua New Guinea, the Arctic, Sea of Cortez (seeing “tons” of whales)
  • Barging in France, river cruising on the Volga in Russia, the Irrawaddy in Burma, the Nile in Egypt and the Upper Amazon (really pink dolphins!)
  • Riding on the great trains of the world: The Royal Scotsman, the VSOE, The Eastern & Oriental Express, the Blue Train and Rovas Rail
  • Taking one month off to really experience Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
  • Heli Hiking in the Bugaboos, Canada
  • Hiking the Grand Canyon 3 times & reaching the top despite the snow storm (hardest trip!)

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